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Those not baptized at St. Bernadette must contact the parish of baptism and have them mail the Baptismal certificate to St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Religious Education/FirstCommunion, 70 University Blvd., E, Silver Spring, MD 20910. The parish will be happy to mail a copy for you. Note that we are asking for a recent Baptismal certificate to ensure that your child’s sacraments to date have been recorded.

Sacramental Fee: Sacramental fees are collected to pay for the direct costs associated with a sacrament. For Confirmation the fee is $120 is paid by July 31, 2015 and $135 if paid after that date. A preparation fee of $80 is due by Sept. 1 or $95 after Sept. 1
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Please refer to the information you received at the Parent Orientation meeting for confirmation for other due dates. For questions, please contact the Relgious Education office at 301 593-5104 or