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St. Bernadette Haiti Mission



What is Twinning?

In 2004 the Archdiocese of Washington, DC established a “twinning” program with the Diocese of Jeremie in Haiti to partner specific parishes in the two dioceses, with the goals of sharing

  • experiences,
  • faith
  • and resources

in a special way to integrate our global church.  In 2013 members of the Archdiocesan Haiti Twinning Committee visited St. Bernadette to describe the twinning process, and members of St. Bernadette met Bishop Decoste of the Jeremie diocese, who has since assigned our parish with a twin, St. Therese, in Sicard, Haiti.  In early 2014, a delegate from St. Bernadette visited St. Therese to begin establishing the foundation of the relationship of our parishes and to determine St. Therese’s needs.

About St. Therese Parish and Sicard, Haiti 

St. Therese Parish is in a beautiful rural mountainous region on the western coast of Haiti.  The residents of Sicard do not have running water or electricity, but have a strong parish community. The parish, of approximately 12,000 parishioners, is led by Father Auguste Samuel, a newly ordained priest of two years.  The parish consists of the St. Therese church and four chapels: St. Clair, St. George, Annunciation, and St. Bernadette.  While there is no school building, they are teaching 90 children in four classes; three of the classes are held in the church, the approximate size of the MSR, and one class is held outside under a tarp.  Father Samuel’s greatest needs are to support the education of the children with tuition, uniforms, books and teachers’ salaries, and to support the spiritual needs of the parishioners with Bibles in Creole and musical instruments.


How you can participate

Mission Trips

Each summer, our parish will send a group down to the St. Theresa parish with a translator to get to begin what Bishop Decoste said is the most important part of our mission, to share Christ with each other through the liturgy and community activities.  We will also bring relief down for the school that we are able to carry in our luggage.  If you are interested in the summer mission trip, click here to email Maureen Johnson, the mission trip coordinator.

The St. Therese Educational Fund

We invite all parishioners to participate in this important fund.  100% of the donations received from our parish go to the efforts surrounding the education of the children of the parish.  To send a child to school for a year costs only $100, but any financial support you can provide is greatly appreciated.  The funds you provide can also be ear-marked for the Creole Bibles if desired.

Join our Haiti Committee

Want to volunteer to help us promote this mission in the parish?  Contact Maureen Johnson via email at:

How to donate with a Check


If you want to donate to the education fund, please send your check made out to St. Bernadette Catholic Church with “Haiti Mission” on the memo line.

Saint Bernadette Catholic Church
Attn: Ron Farias
70 University Blvd East
Silver Spring, MD 20901